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Table 4 Comparison of p-values from the log-rank test with miRNA–RNA pair, and individual RNA and miRNA involved in the pair

From: Predicting lymph node metastasis and prognosis of individual cancer patients based on miRNA-mediated RNA interactions

Cancer miRNA–RNA pair Type of RNA in the pair P-value of miRNA–RNA pair P-value of miRNA P-value of RNA
BRCA miR-26b_AC079414.1 lncRNA 2.270E−05 9.203E−01 5.896E−01
miR-3192_PPDPFL mRNA 6.320E−05 1.351E−03 1.346E−02
miR-3192_AC013549.3 lncRNA .260E−04 5.028E−01 1.346E−02
COAD miR-604_AL162426.1 lncRNA 1.869E−04 4.365E−01 6.730E−01
miR-3679_RPL26P29 Pseudogene 3.122E−04 1.315E−02 8.171E−01
miR-6835_AC037459.2 lncRNA 7.746E−04 9.815E−01 2.938E−02
HNSC miR-4539_KRTAP10-2 mRNA 1.849E−04 3.033E−01 1.629E−03
miR-6730_LINC01435 lncRNA 9.783E−04 1.038E−02 3.211E−03
miR-5195_AL390067.1 lncRNA 1.070E−03 8.716E−02 3.435E−02
LUAD miR-581_LINC00628 lncRNA 4.719E−07 1.925E−02 8.736E−01
miR-7848_AC087588.2 lncRNA 2.220E−06 1.750E−05 7.506E−01
miR-3680-1_AL138789.1 lncRNA 1.300E−05 2.386E−02 5.371E−01
LUSC miR-548z_PNLIPRP2 Pseudogene 1.175E−04 3.178E−01 6.640E−04
miR-3972_CSAG4 Pseudogene 1.485E−04 5.168E−01 4.740E−01
miR-146b_PHETA2 mRNA 1.488E−04 4.779E−02 2.760E−01
STAD miR-604_OLFML3 mRNA 1.000E−05 4.787E−02 4.921E−01
miR-554_OR10A5 mRNA 4.040E−05 4.727E−03 5.852E−02
miR-149_OR10A5 mRNA 1.689E−04 4.727E−03 8.850E−01
THCA miR-5685_GADD45A mRNA 3.489E−03 7.915E−01 2.587E−01
miR-6784_AC093281.2 lncRNA 3.762E−03 5.934E−01 5.559E−02
miR-8071-2_CFB mRNA 3.991E−03 1.392E−02 9.494E−01