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Table 7 The number of features left after each filtering process. miRNA–RNA pairs with MIC \(<~0.5\) both in normal samples and tumor samples were removed by MIC filtering

From: Predicting lymph node metastasis and prognosis of individual cancer patients based on miRNA-mediated RNA interactions

Cancer #Features after #Features after #Features after
MIC filtering Wilcox test PCA
BRCA 90,837 1563 480
COAD 178,973 1969 80
HNSC 67,020 800 100
LUAD 341,146 12,981 200
LUSC 165,765 2436 200
STAD 976,763 17,445 60
THCA 38,077 3397 150
  1. The miRNA–RNA pairs with a p-value \(\ge\) 0.01 were removed by the Wilcox test. The number of features was further reduced after dimension reduction by PCA of \(\Delta\)PCCs. In both MIC filtering and the Wilcox test, each feature represents a miRNA–RNA pair, In PCA, the number of features indicates the dimension of a feature vector