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Table 2 Mapped tumor sites for the used public database with the Oncotree model

From: Clinically actionable cancer somatic variants (CACSV): a tumor interpreted dataset for analytical workflows

Origin Sub NCCN COSMIC intOgen cBioPortal OncoKB
Breast breast breast breast BRCA ACBC, BLPT, BPT, BRCA, BRCNOS, BREAST, DCIS, IDC, ILC, IMMC, MBC, MDLC, MPT, PD, SPC Breast Cancer
Bowel anal anal large_intestine > SS1 = anus COREAD NA Colorectal Cancer
Bowel rectal rectal large_intestine > SS1 = rectum COREAD READ, COADREAD Colorectal Cancer
Bowel colon colon large_intestine > SS1 = colon COREAD COAD, MACR, COADREAD Colorectal Cancer
CNS or Brain cns cns central_nervous_system GBM, LGG, MB, NB, PA AASTR, AOAST, AODG, ASTR, DIFG, GB, GBM, LGGNOS, MBL, OAST, ODG CNS Cancer, Glioma, Embryonal Tumor
Esophagus or Stomach esophageal esophageal oesophagus ESCA ESCC, ESCA, STES Esophagogastric Cancer
Esophagus or Stomach gastric gastric stomach STAD DSTAD, ESCA, ISTAD, MSTAD, STAD, STOMACH, TSTAD Esophagogastric Cancer
Skin melanoma melanoma PH = malignant_melanoma CM ACRM, DESM, MEL, SKCM, SKLMM Melanoma
Pancreas pancreas pancreas pancreas PAAD IPMN, MCN, PAAD NA
Lung nsclc nsclc lung > HS1 = non_small_cell_carcinoma NSCLC LUAD, LUSC, NSCLC Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Lung sclc sclc lung > HS1 = small_cell_carcinoma SCLC NA NA