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Table 6 Pairs of genes identified by eQTL mapping, filtered by direction of the epistatic effect, and involving a gene with known impact on multiple sclerosis

From: A systematic analysis of gene–gene interaction in multiple sclerosis

Map ID Gene pair Evidence
Both genes have known impact on MS   
5199 IP10 and NF-\(\kappa\)B Both genes impact MS
One gene only has known/suspected impact on MS
4455 alpha-V/beta-1 integrin and PCBP-1 alpha-V/beta-1 integrin probably impacts MS
4703 PADI2 and JNK1 (MAPK8) PADI2 increases MS
4703 PADI2 and Caspase-3
4703 PADI2 and Caspase-8
5199 IP10 and IRF1 IP10 impacts MS
5199 IRF1 and NF-\(\kappa\)B NF-\(\kappa\)B impacts MS
5199 JAK2 and PKA-reg (cAMP-dependent) JAK2 impacts MS
5288 IL-1R1 and ROR-alpha IL-1R1 probably impacts MS