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Table 2 Functional enrichment of genes in the CNV blocks that were significantly different between clone 2 and clones 3 and 4

From: HBV genome-enriched single cell sequencing revealed heterogeneity in HBV-driven hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)

Category Term # overlap Genes Fold Enrichment P-value FDR
UP_SEQ_FEATURE domain:UPAR/Ly6 LYPD2, LY6K, PSCA, SLURP1 182.4 1.1E−6 1.3E−3
INTERPRO Ly-6 antigen/uPA receptor -like LYPD2, PSCA, SLURP1 163.8 1.3E−4 1.3E−1
  1. A total of 48 genes were in the regions. DAVID is used to test functional enrichment