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Table 1 Systematic review of studies of urethral metastasis from prostate cancer cases

From: Multiple metastases of androgen indifferent prostate cancer in the urinary tract: two case reports and a literature review

No. ref Case Age Symptoms at the time of reccurence PSA (ng/ml) Location Appearance (shape, number, size) Treatment Pathology Possible causes
  Our case (Case 1) 79 Hematuria with difficulty urinating 841 In the proximal penile urethra and distal bulbar urethra Nodular, multiple TUR AVPC CIC
[5] Britt Haller et al. [5] 67 Painless hematuria 1.5 Distal bulbar urethra and distal penile urethra in the navicular fossa Papillary, several Urethrectomy PDC Post TURP/EBRT (4 years)
[6] Darren J. Bryk et al. [6] 83 Obstructive voiding symtoms 0.67 From the penile to the membranous urethra Papillary, multiple Biopsies PC Post brachytherapy (9 years)
[7] Yong G Wang et al. [7] 66 Painless hematuria 0.13 In the anterior bulbar urethra Papillaey, single TUR PDC Post radiation (4 years)
[8] Hansan Jhaveri et al. [8] 82 Hematuria and urethral bleeding with difficulty urinating 0.26 From the prostatic urethra past the membranous urethra A large mass, single No invasive treatments PC Direct extension
[9] Ibrahim Zardawi et al. [9] 84 Urinary retention and symptoms of urinary tract infection 10.3 One of the lesions in the memvranous urethra, two in the bulbar and penile urethra Polyp, three lesions TUR PC Post TURP (3 years)
[11] Darren Beiko et al. [11] 68 Gross hematuria 0.7 In the midbulbous urethra Polyp, single, 2 mm Cold cup biopsy PC Post TURP/EBRT (4 years)
[10] Enrique Gomez et al. [10] 68 LUTS and urethral bleeding 1.7 Between the distal bulbar urethra and proximal penile urethra Nodular, single TUR PC Post radiation (4 years)
[12] Chi-Feng Hung et al. [12] 77 Voiding straining and a bifurcated voiding stream 5.02 8 cm from the meatus and 2 cm distal to the bulbous urethra Nodular, single TUR PC Venous spread
[13] Jutin M. Green et al. [13] 74 Painless hematuria 1.25 In the entire anterior urethra, including the fossa navicularis Papillary, multiple TUR PDC Post radiation (5 years)
[14] G. Nabi et al. [14] 65 Gross hematuria 12 In anterior urethra leading to stricture Multiple nodules with ulcerations TUR PC Post TURP (2 weeks)
[15] C. Ohyama et al. [15] 71 Gross hematuria 5.2 On the distal urethra Papillary, small Chemotherapy TUR PDC Unidentified
[16] T. Kobayashi et al. [16] 76 Gross hematuria Normal On the anterior urethra Nonpapillary, sessile TUR PC Post TURP
[17] Graeme B Taylor et al. [17] 68 Gross painless hematuria 0.8 In the anterior penile urethra 4 cmfrom the external meatus Papillary, single TUR PDC Post TURP (3 years)
[18] Faruk Aydin et al. [18] 84 A watery, bloody urethral discharge The prostatic and anterior penile urethra Papillary, single TUR PC post TURP (2 years)
[19] Narendra Kotecha et al. [19] 64 Intermittent spotting of blood In the pendulous urethra, approximately 2.5 cm proximal to the urethral meatus Papillary, single TUR PC post TURP (2 years)
  1. Italics to distinguish between the past cases and our case
  2. PC Prostate cancer, PDC Prostate ductal carcinoma, AVPC Aggressive variant prostate cancer, CIC Clean intermittent catheterization, TUR Transurethral resection