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Table 1 Genomic imbalances categorized according to grade and stagea, b

From: Tiling resolution array CGH and high density expression profiling of urothelial carcinomas delineate genomic amplicons and candidate target genes specific for advanced tumors

G1/G2 G3 Ta T1 ≥ T2
Gains Losses Gains Losses Gains Losses Gains Losses Gains Losses
+1q -9 +1qprox 5qprox- +1q 9p- +1qprox 6qdist- +1qprox 2qdist-
+5pdist 11pint- +2pprox 6q-   9q- +5p 8p- +2pdist 5qprox-
  17pdist- +3pprox 8p-    +8qprox 9q- +3pdist 6q-
  19p- +3pdist 9pint-    +8qdist 11p- +5p 8p-
   +5p 9qdist-    +10p 17p- +6pint 9p-
   +6pint 11pint-    +13 19p- +8qint 9q-
   +8qint 17p-    +15qdist 22q- +8qdist 11p-
   +8qdist -22    +18p   +10p 17p-
   +10pdist     +21q   +13qprox 22q-
   +13pprox       +13qdist  
   +13qdist       +16q  
   +16q       +17q  
   +20       +19qprox  
   +21q       +20  
  1. aImbalances seen in ≥ 30% of the cases
  2. bprox, proximal part of chromosome arm; int, interstitial part of chromosome arm; dist, distal part of chromosome arm.