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Table 3 Summary of GSA.

From: Tobacco use induces anti-apoptotic, proliferative patterns of gene expression in circulating leukocytes of Caucasian males

Gene Set Pathway Description P-value FDR
DEATHPATHWAY (c2:161)[71] Genes involved in signaling via Fas and DR3, 4, and 5. < 0.0001 0
METASTASIS_ADENOCARC_DN (c2:1553)[72] Genes involved in metastasis of solid tumors. < 0.0001 0
DAC_IFN_BLADDER_UP (c2:1304)[73] Interferon responsive genes upregulated by DAC treatment. < 0.0001 0
  1. Top 3 gene sets (71 total genes) identified by GSA comparing gene expression profiles of subjects with high plasma cotinine versus low plasma cotinine, showing the names of differentially expressed gene sets as defined by Gene Set Enrichment Analysis [70] with accompanying p-value and FDR.