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Table 2 Information on biological processes based on Gene ontology.

From: Searching for molecular markers in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC) by statistical and bioinformatic analysis of larynx-derived SAGE libraries

Cell communication  
Biological Process Up-regulated genes
   signal transduction ARHGAP29, BST2, CCL2, CXCL14, CMIP, FLNB, GNAI2, LY6E
   cell-cell signaling BST2, CCL2
Transcription MZF1, NRG1, RP13-122B23.3, ZNF452
Translation RPS15, RPS23
Apoptosis INCA
   induction BID
   anti-apoptosis ANGPTL4, CCL2, IFI6, XAF1
Cell adhesion AJAP1, CCL2, MSLN, SAA1
Cell migration MYH9, SAA1, LUM
Cell cycle PLK1
Cell division MYH9
Cell proliferation BOLA2, BST2, PLK1
Cellular development process  
   cell differentiation MYH9
   keratinocyte differentiation S100A7, SPRR2F
Cellular structure morphogenesis MYH9
Developmental process BST2, SPRR2F
   organ development CCL2, MEPE, SPARC
epidermis development COL1A1, COL7A1, KRT14, LAMC2, S100A7, SPRR2F
keratinization SPRR2F
Response to stimulus  
   defense response  
inflammatory response IL1F5, SERPINA3
   immune response BST2, CCL2, IFI6, IFITM2, IL1F5, SEMA3C
   response to stress DTL, SGK
response to oxidative stress S100A7
   response to external stimulus CXCL14, CCL2, GNAI2, S100A7, SAA1, SEMA3C, TOPBP
Angiogenesis ANGPTL4, MYH9
Transport MYH9, NEFL, RBP1, SGK, SLC15A3, SLC6A8
Metabolic process NADK
   protein metabolic process INCA, LEPREL1, MYH9, NRG1, PRSS21, PSMC1
protein modification process CCL2, DTL, FKBP9L, HSPE1, ISG15, SGK, TOR3A
   lipid metabolic process APOC1, APOL1, CEL, PLA2G4E, PTGS1, SERPINA3
   carbohydrate metabolic process NANS
   DNA metabolic process DTL, H3F3B
   nucleic acid metabolic process 0ERH
RNA processing LSM4, SNRPD3
Cytoskeleton organization FLNB, MYH9, NEFL, PLEK2
Extracellular structure organization LUM
Viral genome replication CCL2
Cellular homeostasis CCL2, IFI6, SAA1, SELT
No classification BASP1, CCNYL1, F8A1, FGFBP2, GRAMD1B, IFI27, KIAA1467, KIAA1799, KRTDAP, MFAP2, MSMB, NOL6, OLFML2A, SNCG
  Down-regulated genes
Cell communication  
   signal transduction ANXA1, ARHGAP27, CD24, CRABP2, DBNL, ECM1, GPR126, IL6R, MAL, TNFSF10, TSPAN6, TYRO3
   cell-cell signaling CD24, MAL, S100A9, TNFSF10
Transcription CRABP2, EHF, HOP, PTRF
   induction CLU, MAL, TNFSF10
   anti-apoptosis ANXA1, SERPINB2
Cell adhesion CLDN4, TYRO3
Cell migration ANXA1, CD24, PRSS3
Cell proliferation IL6R, EHF
   positive regulation CLU, TSPAN31, CD24
Cellular development process  
   cell differentiation CLU, HOP, KRT19, MAL
   keratinocyte differentiation A2ML1, ANXA1, SPRR3, TGM3
   epithelial cell differentiation EHF
Developmental process EHF, IL6R, MAL
   organ development CLU, HOP, MAL
ectoderm development KRT6A
epidermis development CRABP2, KRT13, SPRR3, TGM3
epidermal cell differentiation  
keratinization CNFN, PPL, SPRR3
Response to stimulus  
   defense response NCF1
inflammatory response ANXA1, LYZ, MGLL, S100A8, S100A9
   immune response CLU, CR1, GBP6, IL1RN, IL6R
   response to stress CD24, CLU
   response to external stimulus CAT, CD24, CSTB, KRT8, PDE6B, SPRR3
Metabolic process ALDH3A1, CD24, ECHDC3, TPI1
   protein metabolic process PRSS3, RANBP9, TMPRSS11E, UBR4, USP10
protein modification process ANXA1, PRSS3, TGM3, USP10
   lipid metabolic process AKR1C2, ANXA1, APOD, CLU, LTB4DH, MGLL, PIGF, TPI1
   carbohydrate metabolic process PGD, TPI1
Lymphocyte activation CD24
Homeostasis RHCG, CD24
No classification C20orf149, C6orf205, C9orf58, CAPNS2, CRCT1, DIS3L2, FAM129B, GPRASP2, HPCAL1, IER2, IGHA1, KRT78, LOC342897, LOC643008, LYPD2, LYPD3, MGC59937, MUC1, NUCKS1, PRH1, TMEM59, TPPP3, ZFAND1
  1. Top up- and down-regulated genes selected from SAGE in tumor samples compared to normal samples.