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Figure 4

From: Midkine is a NF-κB-inducible gene that supports prostate cancer cell survival

Figure 4

Midkine activated MAP kinase pathways in LNCaP cells. A. The serum-starved LNCaP cells were treated with 100 ng/ml recombinant human MDK for 5 to 480 min; the cells were harvested for protein isolation and Western blot analysis of the indicated proteins; for loading control, the membranes were stripped and probed for GAPDH. B. Densitometry of A; the untreated control group was arbitrarily assigned a value of 1; IDVs of the protein bands from other groups were divided by that of the control group (i.e., ratio of IDVs) to represent the relative individual protein levels over the time course; of note, p38 and GAPDH lines overlapped. Data presented were average ± standard deviations (error bars) of three independent experiments.

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