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Table 3 Functional cluster analysis of differentially regulated genes in monocytes between FH individuals and controls.

From: Monocytes of patients with familial hypercholesterolemia show alterations in cholesterol metabolism

Welch T-Test (p < 0.05, Benjamini Hochberg Testing Correction FDR = 0.05) Functional GO cluster Genes Group Enrichment Score
2,318 transcripts regulated protein transport, establishment of protein localization, intracellular protein transport 130 7.62
  clathrin coated vesicle, trans Golgi network transport vesicle, Golgi associated vesicle membrane, transport vesicle membrane 15 2.86
  vacuole, lysosome, lytic vacuole 37 2.42
  regulation of JNK activity activation of JNK activity,, positive activation of JNK activity, activation of MAPK activity 14 2.32
  clathrin coated endocytotic vesicle, AP-2 adaptor complex, endocytotic vesicle membrane 4 2.00