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Figure 3

From: Correlation of microRNA levels during hypoxia with predicted target mRNAs through genome-wide microarray analysis

Figure 3

Correlation of miRNAs with at least one target site in miRanda-predicted target mRNA. In each panel, the reference distribution of t-statistics from all probes of the mRNA expression arrays is given by a dotted line. These are compared with the distribution of t-statistics for those probes that are predicted targets of given miRNAs, shown as a solid line. 'N' represents the number of transcripts in the reference sample (dotted line), and therefore is the same in each plot. Sample size (n) is the number of genes predicted to have target(s) of given microRNA(s) (solid line), and therefore changes from plot to plot. Note that n depends on the number of predicted target probes contained within the dataset, either combined among all miRNAs, or specific to an individual miRNA. The plotted distributions are Gaussian kernel density estimates (loosely, smoothed histograms), and the indicated bandwidth is in terms of the standard deviation of the smoothing kernel. The x-axis in each figure reflects the t-statistics for the comparison between groups (dotted line represents random distribution). The y-axis represents the density of observations at a given t-statistic value. a. Combined t-statistics for all significantly changed miRNAs with 1 site in the 3'UTR of predicted target miRNAs. b. Combined t-statistics for a set of non-significant miRNAs with 1 predicted target site. c. Representative significantly changed miRNA compared to all of its predicted targets. d. Representative non-significantly changed miRNA compared to all of its predicted targets.

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