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Table 2 Fingerprinting polymorphisms on either the Illumina or Affymetrix platform

From: Development of a fingerprinting panel using medically relevant polymorphisms

Polymorphism Illumina Platform
550K bead set
Affymetrix Platform
6.0 chip set
rs1137101 X  
rs486907 X  
rs1042031 X  
rs6280 X  
rs5370 X  
rs6296   X
rs213950 X  
rs7493   X
rs2227564 X X
rs1063856 X  
rs6313 X X
rs2236225 X X
rs1800588 X  
rs243865   X
rs4673 X  
rs4792311 X X
rs688 X X
rs7121   X
rs234706   X
rs4680 X X
AMG (del) X X
TOTAL 16 12