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Archived Comments for: High-resolution analysis of copy number alterations and associated expression changes in ovarian tumors

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  1. Data Availability

    Peter Haverty, Genentech, Inc.

    15 October 2009

    For those interested in accessing the data associated with this manuscript, the SNP Array data are available at the GEO web site ( as both CEL files and segmented copy number values in text format. Our analysis also made use of expression data for certain genes in genomic regions of interest. Unfortunately, we cannot make the bulk expression data available for download as it is the property of Genelogic (An Ocimum Biosolutions Company). Our contract with Genelogic will only allow for the release of relatively small subsets of the data.

    We understand the desire by many to access both the expression and DNA copy number data for the same patients. We have been trying to persuade GeneLogic to make such expression data publicly available, but so far they have not agreed on this except pointing out that anyone can request data from them directly.

    Genelogic can be contacted through Dwight L. Davis

    Dwight L. Navis, MS, MBA
    Gene Logic (An Ocimum Biosolutions Company)
    50 West Watkins Mill Road
    Gaithersburg, MD 20878, U.S.A
    Mobile: 858-361-5846
    Fax: 760-634-9814 | |

    Competing interests

    None declared