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Table 7 Comparison of the hub structure in the DI networks built from the three data sets and the combined set

From: Network analysis of human glaucomatous optic nerve head astrocytes

DI networks
DE set DE up/down G-set G/DE combined
SP1* .SP1* TNFα SP1*
VDR* HNF-4α* c-Jun* c-Jun*
NF-kB* AR* ET-1 P53*
AP-1* NF-kB* STAT3* VDR*
AR* AP-1* IL-1β STAT1*
c-Fos* STAT1* AP-1* AP-1*
STAT5* c-Fos* c-Fos* TNFα
HNF-4α* c-Rel* EGFR IL-1β
c-Myb* VDR* P53* EGFR
IGF-1* c-Myb* iNOS IFNγ
  1. *transcriptional factors
  2. bolded, top scored hubs shared by most networks