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Table 2 Three altered bio-systems in CFS

From: A gene signature for post-infectious chronic fatigue syndrome

Oxidative Stress Genes
Prostaglandin Synthase: COX-1 and 2, haemoglobin gamma A and gamma G
Apoptosis Genes: Up-regulated
Annexin -A3, -A5, Serine/threonine kinase 17b, Histones 1&2, Protein S (alpha), Serum deprivation response (Phosphatidylserine binding protein)
Caspase 1, TGFβ1
Death effector filament forming CED4-like apoptosis protein, Complement 3a receptor 1, Early growth response 1, TNF-A1P3, -RSF17, -SF4
Immune Dysfunction Genes (including markers of viral immuno-modulation/evasion)
DAF (CD55) & CD46
Antigen processing via MHC class II (MHC II DP α1 and DR α)
IL-12, IL-13 & IL-6 biosynthesis
Down-regulated: The MHC-1 system including:
Natural Killer cell receptors (KIR)
TCR complex (T-cell receptors α, β, δ, γ)
NO production (up-regulation of arginase I & II)
Flavohaemoprotein B5
Leukocyte-derived arginine aminopeptidase (L-rap)