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Table 3 Canonical pathways significant in nonmetastatic prostate cancer to metastatic prostate cancer transition identified by Ingenuity*

From: Candidate pathways and genes for prostate cancer: a meta-analysis of gene expression data

Pathway -Log(P)
Tight junction signaling 3.37
IGF-1 signaling 2.68
Integrin signaling 2.33
ERK/MAPK signaling 2.32
Regulation of actin-based motility by Rho 2.22
Hepatic fibrosis/hepatic stellate cell activation 2.14
Cardiac beta2-adrenergic signaling 1.92
EGF signaling 1.86
Actin cytoskeleton signaling 1.84
PPARα/RXRα activation 1.72
IL-4 signaling 1.71
Nitric oxide signaling in the cardiovascular system 1.62
Hypoxia signaling in the cardiovascular system 1.62
Antigen presentation pathway 1.51
Glucocorticoid receptor signaling 1.46
Glycolysis/gluconeogenesis 1.40
TGF-beta signaling 1.36
  1. *Lists of the significant genes in each pathway are shown in Additional file 7.