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Figure 9

From: A metadata approach for clinical data management in translational genomics studies in breast cancer

Figure 9

Inferred data of tumour histological type. The structure of inferred data for four patients including: patient ID (CDE id: GB-CANCERGRID-MB-5A7ED4C15-0.1), Nottingham histological type of tumour (CDE id: GB-CANCERGRID-MB-8A8C655CE-0.1) and the inferred CDE 'Tumour Type' (temp:TumourType). The meanings of the numerical values of the CDE representing the nottingham histological type of tumour are: 1 for 'Invasive ductal/No special type', 14 for 'Mixed nst and lobular', 4 for 'Atypical medullary' and 12 for 'Invasive cribriform'.

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