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Table 2 Top biological enrichments for PER1 correlated genes.

From: Diurnal variation of the human adipose transcriptome and the link to metabolic disease

Similar Set Expectation
RNA processing 1E-10
ribosome biogenesis and assembly 4E-06
rRNA processing 6E-06
rRNA metabolic process 9E-06
ribonucleoprotein complex biogenesis and assembly 8E-05
RNA splicing 1E-03
IL1 signaling pathway 2E-03
anti-apoptosis 4E-03
I-kappaB kinase/NF-kappaB cascade 7E-03
response to biotic stimulus 9E-03
negative regulation of apoptosis 1E-02
mRNA metabolic process 1E-02
negative regulation of programmed cell death 1E-02
blood vessel morphogenesis 2E-02
response to virus 2E-02
regulation of cell cycle 2E-02
IL-6 signaling 3E-02
mRNA processing 3E-02
  1. Expectation: p-value after Bonferroni adjustment