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Figure 4

From: Genomics and proteomics approaches to the study of cancer-stroma interactions

Figure 4

Real-time PCR gene expression in a conditioned medium-treated neoplastic cell line and in primary tumors. (A) Expression of ARID4A, CALR, DAP3, GNB2L1, PRDX1, RNF10, SQSTM1 and USP9X genes in Hep-2 cells treated with conditioned medium from fibroblast cultures. (B). ARID4A gene expression in 47 laryngeal and oral tongue carcinomas. Relative quantitation of target gene expression for each sample was calculated according to Pfaffl [50]; GAPDH was used as the internal reference and control sample as the calibrator. Values were Log2 transformed (y-axis) so that all values below -1 indicate down-regulation in gene expression while values above 1 represent up-regulation in tumor samples compared to normal samples.

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