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Table 1 Known SNP - disease associations

From: Peripheral blood gene expression patterns discriminate among chronic inflammatory diseases and healthy controls and identify novel targets

Gene IBD Psoriasis Rheumatoid arthritis
ADAM33 NA rs512625 PMID: 18560587 NA
IL10 rs3024505 PMID: 18836448 NA rs1800896 PMID: 18615156
IL13 NA rs1800925 PMID: 19554022 NA
IL23R rs2201841 PMID: 18338763 rs11209026 PMID: 18369459 NA
IL4 rs2243250 PMID: 18064451 NA NA
IL8 NA NA PMID: 18799095
PADI4 NA NA rs2240340 PMID: 12833157
PTGS2 rs20432 PMID: 16273614 NA rs5275 PMID: 18381795
PTPN22 NA rs1217414 PMID: 18341666 rs2476601 PMID: 18466513
SLC22A4 rs3792876 PMID: 17476680 rs11568506 PMID: 18614543 rs3792876 PMID: 15107849
SLC22A5 rs3792876 PMID: 17476680 rs2631367 PMID: 16255050 rs2631367 PMID: 15107849
  1. Known associations between single nucleotide polymorphisms and chronic inflammatory diseases are shown in the table with SNP ID and PMID number referring to the publication that documents the association. NA means there is no documented association on SNP level. Bold cells mean we could detect the association in our study between that specific disease and healthy controls.