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Table 5 Enriched functions of the 53 over-represented targets in diabetes

From: Literature-based discovery of diabetes- and ROS-related targets

Category Term # target p-value Fold
Biological Processes GO superoxide metabolic process 7 3.70E-15 303
  electron transport 13 1.50E-12 16
  superoxide release 5 4.20E-11 298
Molecular Functions GO electron carrier activity 15 1.80E-17 27
  oxidoreductase activity 18 2.20E-16 14
  iron ion binding 15 4.20E-16 21
Cellular Components GO mitochondrion 13 9.90E-08 6
  extracellular space 10 6.60E-07 8
  soluble fraction 7 3.20E-06 11
Pathway Leukocyte transendothelial migration 9 6.40E-12 36
  Small cell lung cancer 7 1.00E-09 38
  Formation of Platelet plug 6 1.10E-08 41
  1. '#target' refers to the number of ROS-diabetes targets with each biological function with Benjamini-Hochberg adjusted p-values. Fold is the ratio of targets from the ROS-diabetes set to the complete HUGO gene set.