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Table 2 Prostate cells, stem cells, cancer cell lines and xenografts.

From: Lineage relationship of prostate cancer cell types based on gene expression

Cell type Origin Characteristics AR status PSA/KLK3 status
Prostate cancer cell lines
LNCaP Lymph node metastasis Luminal Mutant AR Positive
C4-2 Derived from LNCaP through selection in castrated animals Luminal Mutant AR Positive
CL1 Derived from LNCaP through selection in androgen-depleted media Non-luminal-like Negative Negative
PC3 Bone metastasis Non-luminal-like Negative Negative
DU145 Brain metastasis Non-luminal-like Negative Negative
LuCaP 35 Lymph node metastasis, adenocarcinoma Luminal-like Positive Positive
LuCaP 49 Omental metastasis, small cell carcinoma Non-luminal-like Negative Negative
Cells isolated from prostate tumor specimens
G3 CD26+ Gleason pattern 3 from primary tumor, glandular Luminal-like Positive Positive
G4 CD26+ Gleason pattern 4 from primary tumor, aglandular Non-luminal-like Positive Positive
Stem cell lines
NCCIT Embryonal carcinoma   Negative Negative
H1 Embryonic stem cell   Negative Negative
Cells isolated from normal prostate tissue specimens
Luminal (L) CD26+ luminal epithelial   Positive Positive
Basal (B) CD104+ basal epithelial   Negative Negative
Stromal (S) CD49a+ stromal   Positive Negative
Endothelial (E) CD31+ endothelial   Negative Negative
Progenitor (5D3) ABCG2+ progenitor   Negative Negative
Progenitor (SP) Side population progenitor   Negative Negative