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Table 4 Top associated network functions and bio functions

From: Allele-specific disparity in breast cancer

Associated Network Functions Score
Lipid Metabolism, Small Molecule Biochemistry, Nervous System Development and Function 158
Genetic Disorder, Lipid Metabolism, Ophthalmic Disease 52
Cell Death, Cellular Development, Renal Regeneration 24
Disease and Disorders P-Value # Molecules
Genetic Disorder 3.35E-07 - 4.97E-02 96
Inflammatory Disease 8.40E-07 - 4.59E-02 57
Immunological Disease 1.47E-06 - 4.16E-02 51
Connective Tissue Disorders 1.57E-06 - 4.16E-02 40
Skeletal and Muscular Disorders 1.57E-06 - 4.59E-02 55
Molecular and Cellular Functions P-Value # Molecules
Cell Signaling 9.30E-05 - 4.35E-02 17
Molecular Transport 9.30E-05 - 4.91E-02 24
Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism 9.30E-05 - 4.32E-02 15
Lipid Metabolism 1.59E-04 - 4.97E-02 8
Small Molecule Biochemistry 1.59E-04 - 4.97E-02 19
  1. Top three associated network functions and related scores from IPA. Top bio functions contain 1) diseases and disorders, 2) molecular and cellular functions.