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Table 2 Selected atherosclerosis related genes for model derivation.

From: Molecular prediction for atherogenic risks across different cell types of leukocytes

Probes Gene_Symbol Pvalue Qvalue Fold change Predictor for test set Function
211921_x_at PTMA 8.88E-08 5.79E-04 1.47 MO/MA Inflammatory Disease
206788_s_at CBFB 2.87E-07 7.32E-04 -1.50 MO/MA Inflammatory Response
207760_s_at NCOR2 2.49E-07 7.32E-04 1.25 MA Other Metabolic Processes
218828_at PLSCR3 2.05E-07 7.32E-04 1.27 MO/WBC Other Metabolic Processes
201331_s_at STAT6 2.74E-06 2.18E-03 1.32 MO Inflammatory Response
201591_s_at NISCH 2.55E-06 2.18E-03 1.28 MO/WBC Other Metabolic Processes
205125_at PLCD1 2.19E-06 2.18E-03 1.22 MO Other Metabolic Processes
202102_s_at BRD4 3.25E-06 2.39E-03 1.41 MO/WBC Other Metabolic Processes
205059_s_at IDUA 3.94E-06 2.44E-03 1.38 MO/MA Other Metabolic Processes
212705_x_at PNPLA2 4.25E-06 2.56E-03 1.36 MO/MA Lipid Metabolism
203839_s_at TNK2 4.95E-06 2.88E-03 1.37 MO/MA Other Metabolic Processes
210969_at PKN2 5.25E-06 2.95E-03 -1.55 MO Other Metabolic Processes
207292_s_at MAPK7 5.67E-06 2.97E-03 1.23 MO Other Metabolic Processes
211716_x_at ARHGDIA 5.74E-06 2.97E-03 1.43 MO Inflammatory Disease
206580_s_at EFEMP2 6.76E-06 3.24E-03 1.35 MO Inflammatory Disease
202389_s_at HTT 7.10E-06 3.25E-03 1.17 WBC Lipid Metabolism
218961_s_at PNKP 7.00E-06 3.25E-03 1.22 MO Other Metabolic Processes
1555214_a_at CLEC7A 7.61E-06 3.44E-03 -1.89 MO Inflammatory Response
220088_at C5AR1 8.96E-06 3.56E-03 1.32 MO Inflammatory Response
204506_at PPP3R1 /WDR92 1.01E-05 3.87E-03 -1.51 MO/MA Other Metabolic Processes
202848_s_at GRK6 1.25E-05 4.08E-03 1.13 MO Inflammatory Response
204524_at PDPK1 1.42E-05 4.25E-03 1.36 MO Other Metabolic Processes
211537_x_at MAP3K7 1.55E-05 4.25E-03 -1.28 MO/MA Inflammatory Response
224883_at PLDN 1.57E-05 4.25E-03 -1.27 MO Inflammatory Response
205926_at IL27RA 1.70E-05 4.30E-03 1.75 MO/MA Inflammatory Response
202264_s_at TOMM40 1.90E-05 4.51E-03 1.24 MO/MA Inflammatory Response
210995_s_at TRIM23 1.91E-05 4.51E-03 -1.67 MO/MA Other Metabolic Processes
210809_s_at POSTN 1.98E-05 4.60E-03 1.19 MO Inflammatory Disease
207904_s_at LNPEP 2.08E-05 4.73E-03 -1.60 MO/MA Other Metabolic Processes
226111_s_at ZNF385A 2.29E-05 4.95E-03 1.40 MO Hematological System Development and Function
205400_at WAS 2.68E-05 5.31E-03 1.48 MO/MA Lipid Metabolism
203709_at PHKG2 2.87E-05 5.57E-03 1.21 MA Other Metabolic Processes
209812_x_at CASP2 3.02E-05 5.72E-03 -1.26 MO Lipid Metabolism
221957_at PDK3 3.48E-05 6.13E-03 -1.34 MO/MA Other Metabolic Processes
1557145_at STK38 3.61E-05 6.15E-03 -1.50   Other Metabolic Processes
217888_s_at ARFGAP1 3.69E-05 6.18E-03 1.19 MO Inflammatory Disease
204158_s_at TCIRG1 3.98E-05 6.35E-03 1.28   Immunological Disease
204150_at STAB1 4.16E-05 6.47E-03 1.46   Inflammatory Response
36936_at TSTA3 4.17E-05 6.47E-03 1.16 MO/MA Carbohydrate Metabolism
211652_s_at LBP 4.51E-05 6.57E-03 1.20 MO Lipid Metabolism
225647_s_at CTSC 4.74E-05 6.80E-03 -1.36 MO Inflammatory Disease
200604_s_at PRKAR1A 6.14E-05 7.77E-03 -1.54 MO/MA Other Metabolic Processes
202804_at ABCC1 6.52E-05 7.80E-03 1.15 MO Lipid Metabolism
221563_at DUSP10 6.60E-05 7.82E-03 -1.26 MO Other Metabolic Processes
207240_s_at LHCGR 7.14E-05 8.15E-03 1.09   Carbohydrate Metabolism
206217_at EDA 7.32E-05 8.21E-03 1.32 MO/MA Other Metabolic Processes
208867_s_at CSNK1A1 7.69E-05 8.34E-03 -1.39 MA Other Metabolic Processes
221770_at RPE 8.05E-05 8.40E-03 -1.29 MO/WBC/MA Carbohydrate Metabolism
207319_s_at CDC2L5 8.46E-05 8.70E-03 -1.59 MO/MA Hematological System Development and Function
207764_s_at HIPK3 9.28E-05 9.18E-03 -1.57 MO/MA Other Metabolic Processes
209532_at PLAA 9.57E-05 9.33E-03 -1.19 MO Lipid Metabolism
210333_at NR5A1 9.76E-05 9.43E-03 1.37 MO/WBC/MA Hematological System Development and Function
205546_s_at TYK2 1.02E-04 9.67E-03 1.16 MO Inflammatory Response
207201_s_at SLC22A1 1.10E-04 9.97E-03 1.33 MO/MA Other Metabolic Processes
213733_at MYO1F 1.11E-04 1.00E-02 1.15   Inflammatory Response
214971_s_at ST6GAL1 1.11E-04 1.00E-02 -1.46 MO/MA Inflammatory Response
  1. These genes were identified by t-test, biological function analysis and COXEN algorithm
  2. MO: Monocyte (Test set1); WBC: White blood cell (Test set2); MA: Macrophage (Test set3)