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Table 2 Functional clustering of proteins differentially expressed between HCT116 gankyrin −/− and HCT116 cells

From: Gankyrin gene deletion followed by proteomic analysis: insight into the roles of Gankyrin in Tumorigenesis and Metastasis

Functional clustering Protein name
Protein degradation PSME2, PSMB4, PSMB7, Ubc12
Cell motility Cofilin 1, ANXA2, YWHAZ, S100A9, TPM4, PPIA, PEBP1, p27BBP
Stress and defense PIG3, PPIA, CAMK2G
Cell cycle control CYP1A1, PCNA, Ubc12
Metabolism LDHB, GNB2, CYP1A1
Unclassified NPM3, AC2C_K