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Table 1 List of samples used in gene expression analyses

From: Human breast cancer associated fibroblasts exhibit subtype specific gene expression profiles

Subtype Patient ID b1 b2 Set
TNBC TB123 x   training
TB125 x  
TB134 x x
TB160   x
TB162   x testing
TB164   x  
  TB147   x outlier
ER+ TB71 x   training
TB75 x   
TB130 x   
TB163   x  
TB165   x  
TB98 x x testing
  TB120 x   
Her2+ TB76 x   training
  TB117 x x  
  TB136 x   
  TB122 x x testing
  TB129   x  
Her2+/ER+ TB148   x testing
  1. List of samples divided into two batches (b1 and b2) including two samples from each subtype as an independent validation (testing) set as indicated.