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Table 3 Ten most significant KEGG and GO categories enriched among the genes displaying alternative exon usage

From: Identification and characterization of alternative exon usage linked glioblastoma multiforme survival

Source Category Gene Count1 FDR P-value2
KEGG Pathway (hsa04510) focal adhesion 86 3.2E-21
(hsa04512) ecm-receptor interaction 51 8.5E-20
(hsa02010) abc transporters 30 2.5E-12
(hsa04810) regulation of actin cytoskeleton 66 1.7E-07
(hsa05412) arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy 32 5.9E-06
(hsa05414) dilated cardiomyopathy 37 1.3E-06
(hsa04070) phosphatidylinositol signaling system 31 1.2E-05
(hsa05222) small cell lung cancer 31 3.6E-04
(hsa05410) hypertrophic cardiomyopathy 32 1.3E-04
  (hsa05200) pathways in cancer 73 3.0E-02
GO Biological Process (GO:0051056) regulation of small GTPase mediated signal transduction 105 0.055
(GO:0022610) biological adhesion 197 2.7E-22
(GO:0007155) cell adhesion 197 2.3E-22
(GO:0046578) regulation of Ras protein signal transduction 79 5.0E-15
(GO:0035023) regulation of Rho protein signal transduction 51 1.7E-15
(GO:0007010) cytoskeleton organization 129 1.3E-15
(GO:0030029) actin filament-based process 85 2.3E-14
(GO:0007018) microtubule-based movement 51 2.1E-12
(GO:0016568) chromatin modification 89 1.9E-12
  (GO:0051276) chromosome organization 132 1.4E-12
GO Molecular Function (GO:0030554) adenyl nucleotide binding 451 9.9E-59
(GO:0005524) ATP binding 433 2.2E-59
(GO:0032559) adenyl ribonucleotide binding 437 2.0E-59
(GO:0001882) nucleoside binding 456 6.3E-58
(GO:0001883) purine nucleoside binding 451 1.5E-56
(GO:0017076) purine nucleotide binding 480 5.2E-44
(GO:0032555) purine ribonucleotide binding 466 2.9E-44
(GO:0032553) ribonucleotide binding 466 2.9E-44
(GO:0000166) nucleotide binding 523 7.4E-39
  (GO:0003774) motor activity 86 1.3E-34
  1. 1Gene Count: number of genes that have significant alternative exon usage within category.
  2. 2FDR-adjusted P-value: False discovery rate adjusted P-value of the hypergeometric test of category enrichment.