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Table 2 Enriched Go terms of differentially expressed proteins in mitochondria of metastatic 5-8F relative to non-metastatic 6-10B cells

From: Mitochondrial proteomics of nasopharyngeal carcinoma metastasis

GO-ID Description P-Value Genes
Biological Process
34614 Cellular response to reactive oxygen species 7.09E-6 PRDX6↑, PRDX3↑, SOD2↑
42743 Hydrogen peroxide metabolic process 2.39E-6 PRDX6↑, PRDX3↑, SOD2↑
51881 Regulation of mitochondria membrane potential 5.62E-5 PRDX3↑, SOD2↑
45454 Cell redox homeostasis 3.92E-5 PRDX6↑, PDIA5↑, PRDX3↑
55114 Oxidation reduction 2.92E-5 PRDX6↑, IDH3B↓, PDIA5↑, PRDX3↑, ETFA↑, SOD2↑
Molecular Function
16491 Oxidoreductase activity 2.64E-6 PRDX6↑, IDH3B↓, PDIA5↑, PRDX3↑, COX5A↓, ETFA ↑, SOD2↑
43027 Caspase inhibitor activity 6.61E-5 PRDX6↑, PRDX3↑
51920 Peroxiredoxin activity 1.51E-5 PRDX6↑, PRDX3↑
15288 Porin activity 1.51E-5 VDAC2↑, VDAC1↑
16209 Antioxidant activity 1.35E-5 PRDX6↑, PRDX3↑, SOD2↑
  1. ↑ : up- regulated expression in metastatic 5-8F cells relative to non-metastatic 6-10B cells.
  2. ↓ : down-regulated expression in metastatic 5-8F cells relative to non-metastaic 6-10B cells.