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Figure 5

From: Multilocus loss of DNA methylation in individuals with mutations in the histone H3 Lysine 4 Demethylase KDM5C

Figure 5

DNA methylation at the three top significant CpGs in KDM5C mutations cases and population controls. DNA methylation microarray data at three CpG sites within CpG-rich promoters of three genes FBXL5 (A), SCMH1 (B) and CACYBP (C) as determined in 6 published studies using Illumina methylation27 array. AF (Aging in females, n = 93), AP1 (aging pediatric 1, n = 398), AP2 (aging pediatric 2, n = 79), CO (cancer ovarian, n = 257), DB (diabetes, n = 99), DS (Down syndrome, n = 21), K-C are controls from our study (N = 16), K-M are KDM5C mutations cases. For CO and DS only control samples were included.

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