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Figure 2

From: Circadian transcriptome analysis in human fibroblasts from Hunter syndrome and impact of iduronate-2-sulfatase treatment

Figure 2

x-y plots showing from top to bottom the fitted cosine curves (continous line) superimposed on raw data (squares and circles) and polarograms of ARNTL, ARNTL2, CLOCK, CRY1 PER1, PER2 , and PER3 expression levels after synchronization with serum shock in control fibroblasts. Original units standardized to T0 (1 h after serum shock) and combined for analyses. Polarograms of cosinor analysis show the acrophases for the clock gene expression values. Radial axis represents the time point (in degrees) after serum shock corresponding to the acme and vector length represents the amplitude of the oscillation.

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