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Figure 3

From: Cancer patient perceptions on the ethical and legal issues related to biobanking

Figure 3

Patient perspectives on trust in actors and institutions involved in biobanking. Likert scale response of leukemia patients’ perceptions on their level of trust for different individuals and organizations with the care and use of confidential health information. Question: How much do you trust the following individuals, organizations or groups with the care and use of your confidential health information? (a) For-profit industry, for example, a drug company. (b) Insurance industry. (c) Government in your province. (d) Data collection organizations (Stats Canada/Canadian Institute for Health Information). (e) University research funded by industry. (f) Disease based foundation (e.g., Kidney Foundation, Heart & Stroke). (g) University researchers funded by government. (h) Hospitals. (i) Doctors. Due to rounding, totals may not equal 100%.

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