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Figure 3

From: Fatty acid binding protein 3 (fabp3) is associated with insulin, lipids and cardiovascular phenotypes of the metabolic syndrome through epigenetic modifications in a northern european family population

Figure 3

EMSA of differentially methylated FABP3 promoter region. Completely methylated (M) or completely unmethylated (UM), biotin-tagged DNA fragments were assayed for binding activity using nuclear extract from human left ventricle tissue. The location of the amplified region is depicted by the graph on the top panel. The middle panel shows the EMSA results with biotin-labeled free DNA at the bottom and protein-bound DNA at the top. The lower panel shows UV fluorescence of the E-Gel® fluorescent stain (Invitrogen) (M or UM) after methylation-sensitive restriction enzyme digestion by HPAII. Results are representative of at least three independent experiments.

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