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Figure 5

From: Development of a novel DNA sequencing method not only for hepatitis B virus genotyping but also for drug resistant mutation detection

Figure 5

Phylogenetic tree map of HBV recombinant strains using S gene sequencing. 44 recombinant HBV isolates were collected to draw the phylogenetic tree map of HBV S gene sequencing by the method described above. Tree Inference: [Method: Neighbor-Joining; Phylogeny Test and options: Bootstrap (1000 replicates; seed = 100000)]; Include Sites: [Gaps/Missing Data: Complete Deletion]; Substitution Model: [Model: Nucleotide: Maximum Composite Likelihood; Substitutions to Include: d: Transitions + Transversions; Pattern among Lineages: Same (Homogeneous); Rates among sites: Uniform rates]

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