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Table 2 Main brain regions of selected voxels using SRVS method

From: Integrating fMRI and SNP data for biomarker identification for schizophrenia with a sparse representation based variable selection method

Brain region Left(L)/Rigth(R) aal Selected voxels number
   Precuneus L/R 51
   Precentral Gyrus L/R 35
   Sub-Gyral L/R 32
   Middle Frontal Gyrus L/R 26
   Middle Temporal Gyrus L 20
   Cuneus R 17
   Culmen L/R 16
   Paracentral Lobule L 16
   Lentiform Nucleus L/R 13
   Superior Temporal Gyrus L/R 13
   Declive L/R 13
   Cingulate Gyrus * 13
   Postcentral Gyrus R 9
   Medial Frontal Gyrus R 7
   Superior Frontal Gyrus R 7
   Anterior Cingulate R 7
  1. The main brain regions selected using SRVS method