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Figure 1

From: Global transcriptome-wide analysis of CIK cells identify distinct roles of IL-2 and IL-15 in acquisition of cytotoxic capacity against tumor

Figure 1

A overview of phenotypes, functions and RNA-seq quality control of CIK IL-15 and CIK IL-2 . (A) Flow cytometric and statistical analysis of the proportion of CD3+CD56+ CIK cells. Numbers indicate the percentage of each subset. (B) Cell proliferation capacity assay of CIKIL-15 and CIKIL-2 based on automatic cell counting; (C) Detection of tumor cytotoxic effect of CIKIL-15 and CIKIL-2 against SPC-A-1 and BGC823; (D) Distribution of reads on chromosomes; (E) Percentage of mapped reads onto the regions of exons, introns, 5’-UTR, 3’-UTR, transcription start site (TSS), transcription end site (TES) and intergenic region.

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