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Table 1 Cross-species hybridization experiments for H&M array

From: In Silicocancer cell versus stroma cellularity index computed from species-specific human and mouse transcriptome of xenograft models: towards accurate stroma targeting therapy assessment

Initial experiment**
Dual channel array 1 2
Exposed to RNA in red channel 1.5ug Hs* RNA (sample 1) 1.5ug Mm* RNA (sample 2)
Exposed to RNA in green channel 0.75ug Hs* RNA + 0.75 Mm* 0.75ug Hs* RNA + 0.75 Mm*
Array design Agilent 2x105k arrays
Validation experiment  
Single channel array 1 2 3 4 5 6
Exposed to RNA human human human mouse mouse mouse
Array design 46k Human probes and 46k mouse probes
  1. *Hs: Homo Sapiens, Mm: Mus Musculus
  2. **In the initial experiment, two human-mouse dual-species arrays were custom printed on Agilent 2x105k arrays. Each array contained only one species of universal mRNAs on the red channel (either human or mouse) and had a control sample containing equal quantities of universal human and mouse mRNAs on the green channel.