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Table 2 Predicted known therapeutics

From: Identification of novel therapeutics for complex diseases from genome-wide association data

PH Target *Drug name Status Action *Database
T1D PPARG Rosiglitazone Approved Agonist TTD
  DGKA Vitamin E Approved Unknown DrugBank
T2D CTSD Insulin Regular Approved Unknown DrugBank
  PPARA Aleglitazar Phase III Agonist TTD
  NR3C1 ISIS-GCCR Preclinical Antisense TTD
  TCF7L2 Repaglinide Unknown Unknown PharmGKB
  PPARD Bezafibrate Approved Agonist DrugBank
  RB1 Insulin, porcine Approved Unknown DrugBank
  HSD11B1 INCB13739 Phase IIa Inhibitor TTD
RA TNF Infliximab Approved Inhibitor DrugBank
  ITGA4 CDP323 Phase II Antagonist TTD
  JAK2 INCB18424 Phase III Inhibitor TTD
  IL15 AMG-714 Discontinued in phase I Inhibitor TTD
  CCL2 MCP-1 Preclinical Inhibitor TTD
  PRKCA Vitamin E Approved Unknown DrugBank
HT DRD1 Fenoldopam Approved Agonist TTD
  AGTR1 Valsartan Approved Antagonist TTD
  CNR1 AZD1175 Discontinued in phase I Antagonist TTD
  AGT Benazepril Unknown Unknown PharmGKB
  GUCY1A2 Isosorbide Mononitrate Approved Inducer DrugBank
BD SLC6A2 Imipramine Approved Inhibitor DrugBank
  AGTR1 Valsartan Approved Antagonist DrugBank
CAD MYC AVI4126 Phase I/II Antisense TTD
  PLG Urokinase Approved Activator DrugBank
  NOS3 ACCLAIM Phase III Stimulator TTD
  1. Abbreviations - PH - Phenotypes; T2D - Type 2 Diabetes; BD - Bipolar Disorder; HT - Hypertension; T1D - Type 1 Diabetes; CAD - Coronary Artery Disease; RA - Rheumatoid Arthritis; TTD - Therapeutic Target Database; PharmGKB - Pharmacogenomics Knowledgebase.
  2. Therapeutic targets with predicted known therapeutics for phenotypes of interest.
  3. (* Drugs mentioned in the table are only examples as one target may have multiple drugs);
  4. (* Drug databases in the table are only examples as one drug-target association may be present in more than one database).