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Table 2 Examples of newly developed genome-level approaches to GWEI.

From: Gene-environment interactions and obesity: recent developments and future directions

Author Year Methods
Kraft et al 2007 Joint test of marginal effects of SNPs and G x E [34].
Murcray et al. 2009 Two-step analysis of GWAS data [28]
Paré et al 2010 Variance prioritization approach[37]
Wei et al. 2012 SNP, gene, and pathway based GWAS analysis[30]
Hsu et al. 2012 Cocktail methods [33]
Gauderman et al. 2013 Revised two-step screening and testing method (EDG×E) [29].
Jiao et al. 2013 SBERIA: Set-Based Gene-Environment Interaction Test [38].