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Table 2 Replicated therapeutics for CAD

From: Novel therapeutics for coronary artery disease from genome-wide association study data

Target *Drug name Status Action *Database
PLG Anistreplase Approved Activator TTD
ALOX5AP DG031 Suspended in Phase III Inhibitor TTD
PLAT Urokinase Approved Activator DrugBank
AGTR1 Losartan Approved Antagonist DrugBank
NOS3 ACCLAIM Phase III Unknown DrugBank
PLAUR Urokinase Approved Activator DrugBank
NID1 Urokinase Approved Unknown DrugBank
MYC AVI4126 Phase I/II Antisense TTD
  1. Eight therapeutic targets with examples of replicated known therapeutics for CAD in this study.
  2. * Drugs shown are examples. More than one therapeutic drug may be associated with each replicated target; * Drug databases shown are examples. One drug-target association may be described in more than one drug database. Abbreviations - PH - Phenotype; CAD - Coronary Artery Disease; TTD - Therapeutic Target Database.