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Table 4 Enriched GO terms and KEGG pathways for over expressed genes in cell lines

From: Relating hepatocellular carcinoma tumor samples and cell lines using gene expression data in translational research

  Term P Value Benjamini (<0.1)
Cellular Component GO:0005882~intermediate filament 4.05E-09 6.65E-07
  GO:0045111~intermediate filament cytoskeleton 5.54E-09 4.54E-07
  GO:0005576~extracellular region 2.00E-08 1.10E-06
  GO:0045095~keratin filament 3.11E-06 1.27E-04
Biological Process GO:0007186~G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway 7.66E-11 8.79E-08
  GO:0007166~cell surface receptor linked signal transduction 1.82E-07 1.04E-04
  GO:0007608~sensory perception of smell 4.78E-07 1.83E-04
  GO:0007606~sensory perception of chemical stimulus 5.94E-07 1.70E-04
  GO:0050877~neurological system process 7.86E-07 1.80E-04
  GO:0007600~sensory perception 9.35E-07 1.79E-04
  GO:0050890~cognition 8.63E-06 1.41E-03
  GO:0042742~defense response to bacterium 5.24E-04 7.24E-02
KEGG pathway hsa04740:Olfactory transduction 4.46E-09 2.14E-07