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Figure 2

From: A computational method for identification of vaccine targets from protein regions of conserved human leukocyte antigen binding

Figure 2

Blocks of conserved HLA binding in a HA MSA. Visualization of the block conservation analysis and HLA class I binding affinity predictions for 9mer blocks in which at least 99% of the peptides were predicted to bind at least one of the seven HLA I alleles used in this example. The bars show the number of peptides in a block (Y axis) at a given starting position in the MSA (X axis). The heat map below the bar shows the percentage of strains in the MSA predicted to bind to each of the HLA alleles predicted for in these examples. The color of each position in the heat map matrix ranges from blue (0% accumulated conservation by predicted binders in the block for the given allele) to red (at least 99% of the blocks are predicted to bind to the given allele with a minimum binding affinity of 500 nM).

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