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Table 1 Representative peptide-based methods for predicting linear B-cell epitopes.

From: Prediction of linear B-cell epitopes of hepatitis C virus for vaccine development

Method Number of propensities Number of features Propensity/features Classifier
ABCpred [12] single 400 AAP propensity Neural network (NN)
BCPred [15] single   AAP propensity SVM
BepiPred [14] single   Hydrophilicity propensity Hidden Markov Model (HMM)
GFSMLP [17] 8 160 Solvent accessibility, and beta-turn propensities SVM, NN
BayesB [18] None 400 Position-specific scoring matrix (PSSM) with PSI-BLAST SVM
SVMTriP [19] single 8000 Tri-peptide SVM
Bcell-HCV (this work) 6 [49] 34 PCP features SVM