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Table 1 Description of the datasets used in this study

From: FLAGS, frequently mutated genes in public exomes

Name of datasets Size Description
FLAGS 100 The top 100 of FrequentLy mutAted GeneS with rare (<1% allelic frequency) functional variants from dbSNPv138 and ESP6500
OMIM 3099 The list of protein-coding genes associated with human diseases from Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man [8]
HGMD 2691 The list of protein-coding genes with damaging mutations (<1% allelic frequency) from Human Gene Mutation Database [28].
WES 300 Downloaded from Boycott et al. (2013) [7] - a list of novel genes implicated in human disorders based on whole exome sequencing studies, or novel/known pathogenic mutations discovered by whole-exome sequencing.
Background 18580 The entire set of human protein-coding genes that have complete start and end translation annotations with a specified dN/dS ratio