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Fig. 3

From: SOX5 is involved in balanced MITF regulation in human melanoma cells

Fig. 3

Change in MITF expression 48 h after siRNA transfection. The melanoma cell lines MaMel-122, MaMel-86b and MaMel-61e were transfected with (a) 25 nM SOX5 siRNA s13303 or (b) 25 nM SOX10 siRNA s13308. MITF expression was measured by qRT-PCR, normalized to GAPDH expression and control siRNA transfected cells. Graphs show the mean expression and standard deviation of fold changes. Knockdown of SOX5 resulted in a significant increase in MITF expression in all three cell lines, whereas knockdown of SOX10 led to diminished MITF expression. In all three cell lines, the MITF expression significantly decreased after SOX10 knockdown. At least four independent biological replicates were performed for each condition. To verify the effect, the transfections were repeated with SOX5 siRNA pool and control siRNA pool (10 nM) (c) with four biological replicates per condition. For all three investigated cell lines, the increase in MITF expression after SOX5 knockdown could be confirmed

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