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Table 3 GO terms, description, and the FDR corrrected p-values corresponding to the statistically significant biological process identified from 134 genes prioritized by Limma

From: Efficient and biologically relevant consensus strategy for Parkinson’s disease gene prioritization

GO terms Description p-value (FDR)
GO:0006576 biogenic amine metabolic process 3,3E-04
GO:0042401 biogenic amine biosynthetic process 3,7E-04
GO:0034311 diol metabolic process 8,2E-04
GO:0009712 catechol metabolic process 8,2E-04
GO:0006584 catecholamine metabolic process 8,2E-04
GO:0018958 phenol metabolic process 9,8E-04
GO:0042423 catecholamine biosynthetic process 3,2E-03
GO:0042398 cellular amino acid derivative biosynthetic process 1,4E-02
GO:0042416 dopamine biosynthetic process 2,3E-02
GO:0006575 cellular amino acid derivative metabolic process 2,9E-02
GO:0042417 dopamine metabolic process 4,4E-02