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Fig. 4

From: Transcriptome analysis reveals a ribosome constituents disorder involved in the RPL5 downregulated zebrafish model of Diamond-Blackfan anemia

Fig. 4

Identification of lncRNAs expressed in DBA zebrafish models. a Workflow for lncRNAs discovery. Details are described in “Methods”. b Unsupervised clustering of expression of predicted lncRNAs for diverse DBA zebrafish models and Control model. c Number of differentially expressed lncRNAs in different DBA zebrafish models compared with Control model, which was detected by R package DEGseq with threshold of fold-change > 2 and p-value < 0.05. d Correlation heatmap between the expression of lncRNAs and genes. Rows represent genes expressed in one of these zebrafish models, and the columns represent differentially expressed lncRNAs. The correlations between the expression of differentially expressed lncRNA and all genes are calculated by Pearson method. With the threshold of absolute correlation coefficient |R| ≥ 0.8, the significantly correlated gene-lncRNA couplings are colored by red or green. A red color indicates a positive correlation, whereas green bars represent a negative correlation. e Top 10 of the GO terms enriched by genes correlated with more than half of total differentially expressed lncRNAs

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