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Table 5 Significantly enriched GO BP terms (top 5) for the largest connected component of integrative regression network of methylation features

From: Integrative regression network for genomic association study

Cancer type Category Term N p-value FDR
Breast GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0006468 ~ protein amino acid phosphorylation 11 1.32e-07 2.05e-04
INTERPRO IPR008266:Tyrosine protein kinase, active site 6 2.35e-07 2.55e-04
UP_SEQ_FEATURE binding site:ATP 9 2.81e-07 3.32e-04
INTERPRO IPR001245:Tyrosine protein kinase 6 6.25e-07 6.80e-04
GOTERM_MF_FAT GO:0004672 ~ protein kinase activity 10 6.90e-07 7.94e-04
Colon SP_PIR_KEYWORDS tyrosine-protein kinase 12 1.86e-12 2.33e-09
INTERPRO IPR008266:Tyrosine protein kinase, active site 12 1.91e-12 2.50e-09
INTERPRO IPR001245:Tyrosine protein kinase 12 1.69e-11 2.21e-08
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS signal 40 2.90e-10 3.63e-07
UP_SEQ_FEATURE signal peptide 40 3.51e-10 4.94e-07
GBM GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:00042127 ~ regulation of cell proliferation 88 8.57e-42 1.52e-38
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS signal 128 5.54e-29 7.73e-26
UP_SEQ_FEATURE signal peptide 128 1.03e-28 1.66e-25
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0008284 ~ positive regulation of cell proliferation 54 5.23e-28 9.28e-25
INTERPRO IPR001245:Tyrosine protein kinase 27 3.51e-22 5.21e-19
Kidney GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0010033 ~ response to organic substance 19 4.24e-08 6.99e-05
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0043067 ~ regulation of programmed cell death 18 1.30e-06 0.00214
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0010941 ~ regulation of cell death 18 1.37e-06 0.00225
GOTERM_MF_FAT GO:0032403 ~ protein complex binding 10 1.61e-06 0.00215
KEGG_PATHWAY has05200:Pathways in cancer 14 1.65e-06 0.00174
Lung GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0042127 ~ regulation of cell proliferation 25 6.24e-13 1.02e-09
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Proto-oncogene 14 4.78e-12 5.92e-09
KEGG_PATHWAY has05200:Pathways in cancer 22 6.02e-12 6.56e-09
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0007169 ~ transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase signaling pathway 14 1.24e-10 2.02e-07
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:000716 ~ enzyme linked receptor protein signaling pathway 16 2.06e-10 3.37e-07