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Table 2 A summary of tasks, participating teams, and winners of the challenge

From: Protecting genomic data analytics in the cloud: state of the art and opportunities

  GWAS Whole genome comparison
Application 1: Secure outsourcing Task 1.1 – MAF & \( {\chi}^2 \) (Winner: Stanford/MIT) Task 1.2 (a) – Hamming distance (Winner: IBM)
Task 1.2 (b) – Approximate Edit distance (Winner: Microsoft)
Participating teams: IBM; Stanford/MIT; Microsoft; UC Irvine (UCI); University of Tsukuba
Application 2: Secure collaboration Task 2.1– MAF & \( {\chi}^2 \) (Winner: U of Maryland) Task 2.2 (a) – Hamming distance (Winner: University of Virginia)
Task 2.2 (b) – Approximate Edit distance (Winner: UC Irvine)
Participating teams: Syracuse University (SU); University of Maryland (UMD); University of Notre Dame (UND); University of Virginia (UV); UC Irvine (UCI); Cybernetica AS (CAS); The Alexandra Institute (AI)