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Table 2 Association of oxidative marker-associated CpGs with incident T2Da events (permutation p-value < 0.01)

From: DNA methylation patterns associated with oxidative stress in an ageing population

      Primary model Secondary modeld  
Disease outcome CpG Gene Description Gene Property OR (95% CIs)b Nominal P-value Permutation P-valuec P-value Oxidative marker association (Direction)e
T2D cg08170869 HIST1H4D Histone cluster 1, H4d 3'-UTR 1.39 (1.15–1.57) 3.39E-03 4.40E-03 9.19E-03 GSH (+)
T2D cg03465880 DVL1 Dishevelled segment polarity protein 1 Body 1.31 (1.10–1.47) 7.27E-03 8.00E-03 6.48E-03 GSH (−)
  1. T2D type 2 diabetes, CpG cytosine-guanine site, OR odds ratio, CI confidence intervals, GSH reduced glutathione, SD standard deviation
  2. aEvents up to 10 years after baseline; number of T2D events = 71
  3. bCorresponds to the OR increase in risk of disease per SD decrement in DNA methylation
  4. cP-value from permutation test (n = 10,000 permutations)
  5. dSecondary model also included BMI and smoking
  6. eDirection of association between oxidative marker(s) and methylation at CpG site. A + symbol corresponds to that increased levels of DNA methylation associate with increased levels of the oxidative marker